10 Common Planning Mistakes to Avoid for a Perfect Muslim Wedding

Let’s start off with the fact that mistakes will happen. However, with careful planning at least the common planning mistakes can be avoided. Plan, Pray, and hope you have a great wedding. Here is a list of common planning mistakes to avoid for your perfect Muslim wedding. Running Late Desi Time, Arab Time, Muslim Time:…

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What is the Perfect Muslim Wedding?

I, by chance, came across this blog post, and in it the author rightly points out that a perfect wedding doesn’t have to be picture-perfect or meet the expectations of a fantasy wedding. The important thing to note here is that the wedding industry, in the end, is a business, and there’s nothing wrong with…

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13 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Perfect Muslim Wedding

Even though this site is called “Perfect Muslim Wedding,” it does not mean that everything in your wedding will go exactly as you planned. Stuff happens, you can count on it. However, that does not mean there are some common pitfalls that you can’t avoid. Here are a few things to avoid. Remember, you know…

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