10 Best Pieces of Marriage Advice for Muslim Newlyweds

You’re probably going to receive all sorts of tips and advice as you embark on this wonderful journey called marriage. It’ll be hard to decipher between the good advice and the not-so-good advice. So with that being said, we’ve compiled a list of 10 best pieces of advice for newlyweds. Here they are: Always, always…

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4 Lessons in 4 Years of Marriage

My husband, Ahmed, and I have known each other our entire lives. Our parents were always such good friends and our interest for one another sprung from there. We were both born in Marietta, Georgia by the same nurses (and at home…no really), and we’re about 1 year apart. His family then settled in Missouri…

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How to Guarantee a Perfect Honeymoon

A few insider secrets to get you started. First: Talk, Talk, Talk! Talk to your would-be-spouse, talk to friends, talk to travel experts. The purpose in the initial conversations is just to share and learn expectations, find out from others what worked for them or did not, and also get some expert help if needed….

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3 Major Muslim Wedding Dress Themes

In a previous post, 11 Absolutely Gorgeous Wedding Dresses, we covered the beauty of the Muslim wedding dress. In this post, we wanted to help you determine the key themes and criteria to consider for your wedding dress, and show you even more gorgeous dresses. There are 49 Muslim majority countries in the world. However, Muslims are…

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A PMW Thank You to Our Mothers

In honor of Mother’s Day in the US we decided to put this post together to really applaud our mothers and to reiterate the importance of mothers in Islam. We ask that you disregard your feelings or beliefs regarding whether the celebration of Mother’s Day is permissible or not. Mother’s Day is everyday in Islam, as…

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7 Things You Should Know About an Arab Wedding

April is Arab-American Heritage Month and we wanted to discuss the highlights of an Arab wedding. The Arab World consists of 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, so although there are some commonalities there are many differences (which are difficult to capture in one blog post). The Arab people are very diverse….

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PMW Celebrates Women’s History Month

In this Women’s History Month, Perfect Muslim Wedding would like to recognize a few of the many distinguished Muslim women of the past and present. These are women of character, courage and commitment who have made or are making differences for the greater good of humanity in education, social-issues, politics, arts, sports, fashion, science and more.

Real Wedding: MuhammadQasim and Samaah

This real wedding story is really about the most common way we’re introduced to our future spouse: through family friends. That was very much true for MuhammadQasim and Samaah. Whose parents knew each other before they were both born. “We have actually known each other for really long time. Our parents knew each other before…

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Behind the Scenes at Perfect Muslim Wedding: Part 1

Behind every company or organization, there’s a story. A story of how it all started and this is ours. It all started when my daughter got married in 2013. Six months of planning and a perfect, okay, almost perfect wedding (by God’s grace). Yes it’s true there was a power outage, and we were kind…

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The Talk with the Photographer

They need to know exactly what you want, so no moment is left undocumented. So here are some things you should discuss with your photographer.

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