The Talk with the Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the many important days of your life, and because you can’t actually relive the moment, photos are your best bet to keep that memory alive. Which is why it is important to have a talk with your photographer.

They need to know exactly what you want, so no moment is left undocumented. So here are some things you should discuss with your photographer.

1. Do you want a photo with all of your friends, or a photo with your favorite aunt? Your wedding day will be hectic and these photo ops will slip your mind. Be sure to either let your photographer know ahead of time or provide them with a list of your must-have photos.

2. Let your guests know that photos will be taken and designate an area that the photographer should avoid. This will allow your guests to be comfortable, and will still allow your photographer to get the photos they need.

This is especially important for those non-mixed weddings, women will not be wearing their hijabs (headscarves) and therefore are more cautious about their photos being taken. You need to let your photographer know, especially if they aren’t Muslim.

3. Did you see an adorable wedding photo on Pinterest? Send it over to your photographer! This will help them know exactly how you want the photo taken.

4. This may seem like a strange one, but trust us, it’s a thing. Do you have a good “side” when it comes to photos? Let your photographer know. After all, you want to look your very best in your wedding photos.

5. Take advantage of your time with the photographer. Do you have some time before the wedding? Get some photos in. Women who wear the hijab: make sure you get your photos with and without hijab. You’ll want these to look back and of course, post on Facebook.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!