30 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful journey, but it’s also hard work. It is very important to understand that. We decided to put together 30 secrets to a happy marriage. So here they are, proven and practiced!


  1. Show your love in simple thoughtful ways
  2. Laughter is a magical, secret weapon.
  3. Take long walks
  4. Keep it +ve, 5:1 ratio of compliments to criticism
  5. Love is a boomerang about giving, not taking
  6. Pray to God for protection of your marriage
  7. Conflicts will happen but fight fair
  8. Be the first to forgive
  9. Drink and eat from one place
  10. Never use the D- word (Divorce)
  11. Marriage is work, not effortless or perfect
  12. Look for the soft emotion
  13. Keep intimacy alive
  14. Never take one another for granted
  15. Communicate – know your partner’s ‘Love Language’
  16. Agree to disagree
  17. Never stop dating.
  18. Calling your spouse by beautiful names
  19. Tell stories, be curious, ask questions
  20. Assisting your wife in the housework
  21. Help your partner with grooming or eg washing hair
  22. Keep reinventing your romance and sex life
  23. Make your bedroom a sanctuary (non-conflict zone)
  24. Don’t fight in public.
  25. Accept your spouse as they are, you can’t change them
  26. Take responsibility in your successes and failures
  27. Remember it’s you and your spouse vs. the world (not each other).
  28. Me-We. You win-together, lose individually
  29. Marriage is not 50:50 more like 80:20
  30. Limit outside influence (in-laws and those not well-wishers)

There you go, they are no longer secrets! Share this with your spouse and anyone you know that’s getting married soon.

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