Muslim Wedding Ceremony Infographic

Perfect Muslim Wedding InfographicFrom an Islamic viewpoint, the Muslim wedding ceremony is an event that should be very simple and easy. The following infographic is a nice visual capturing the simplicity of a Muslim wedding. Muslims are very diverse, coming from different countries with varying traditions and cultures. The bottom line is there is no single way that a Muslim wedding happens, but there are common denominators.

Living in North America and Western Europe, the introduction of a bride and groom may happen through parents, friends, or directly. As the traditional arranged marriage, where the couple have never met, is uncommon it is important to note that a marriage cannot take place without the consent of the couple. However, it is important to get the permission of a parent, or guardian, on both sides. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it should be started on the right foot.

After the mahr or dowry arrangements are made, the ceremony requires a pious person, e.g. imam or other community member to recite from the Quran, ask the relevant questions, in front of two witnesses and voila, you’re married, Islamically. It is important that it be announced in public and a small dinner be offered. There are many other cultural traditions that have been added from the Mehndi (known as Henna in Arabic) usually an event for the women, that may take place over a few days.


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