Best Wedding Dance Videos from the Muslim World

Muslim culture is very diverse. One of the ways our diversity is reflected is through weddings. Therefore, we decided it would be fun to gather some of the best wedding dance videos. Before we begin, we understand that many hold the opinion that “dance” has no place in Muslim culture. However, it’s important to remember that Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds. Also, different parts of the world. Hence, Muslim culture being diverse. Therefore, we hope you can keep an open mind throughout this post. We also hope you will appreciate the differences that make us beautiful. Finally, we hope these offer some inspiration for your big day.

wedding dance
Photo by Ray Craiig Photography


Here are the best wedding dance videos from the Muslim world Part 1.


In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this compilation. There are so many other Muslim dance videos out there. Lastly, do you have any favorites? Let us know below! Namely, from any other Muslim countries we haven’t included. In particular, any dances that will further reveal our diversity.

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