How to Measure Yourself for a Muslim Wedding Dress

When you are selecting a wedding dress there are basically two options. The first is to go with a ready made off-the-shelf variety where alterations can be made. The second is to have a custom dress made. It is important to remember to get accurate measurements no matter which option you choose to go with. Here are some tips:

How to Measure a Muslim Wedding Dress
How to Measure a Muslim Wedding Dress
  1. If you are planning on losing weight, wait until you have reached your goal before you take measurements.
  2. Use a good quality fabric tape measure. A fabric measure follows your contours the most closely compared to a metal one.
  3. Have someone with a good eye take your measurements. Do not do this on your own.
  4. Take measurements with the tape taut but don’t make it too tight.
  5. Dress with the same or similar underwear as you will on the wedding day.
  6. Most of the measurements should be taken barefoot. Have your wedding shoes handy and check with your seamstress to know which measurements they need with heels.
  7. Stand erect and with your feet six inches apart.
  8. Triple-check measurements just to make sure they agree.

Bust: It is important to note that the bust is not the same as your bra size.  Take the measurement across the fullest part of your bust while keeping your arms hanging down in a relaxed position.

Waist: This is about an inch (2.5 cm) above your naval and the smallest part of your waistline. You want this to be a natural and relaxed state where you can breathe and eat easily, so don’t suck it in.

Height: You need two measurements one barefoot and the other with your wedding shoes.

Hollow to Hem: This measurement is from below the neckline to the heels.  Just to be safe take two measurements one barefoot and the other with your wedding shoes.

Sleeve: From armpit to wrist.

Hips: This is the fullest part of your hips across the hipbone.

Depending on the fit and form, your seamstress may need other measurements including shoulder, inside leg, lower bust, etc.

We would love to hear your tips and advice on getting accurate measurements. Share with us!

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