Wedding Planning

Perfect Muslim Wedding is here to serve you. We would like to hold your hand throughout the entire planning process, from engagement to marriage. Although we provide you with tons of tips and inspiration, we know planning can be difficult. Which is why we decided to offer you our wedding planning services. We’ll go from simply holding your hand to planning your wedding for you.

The initial consultation allows us to get to know you and is absolutely free. It will help to identify your needs, wants, style and expectations. Before the meeting you will receive links to various planning tools which can help identify your budget, goal and vision. This consultation usually lasts about 45 mins to 1 hour.

Why hire a wedding planner?

  • Planning a wedding is stressful and a lot of work. You have enough things to think about, so let a professional take it on.
  • Wedding planners have contacts in the wedding industry. It takes a lot of work interviewing, screening and selecting vendors.
  • Murphy’s Law will come into play. When the unexpected happens it is better to let someone in the “know” figure out alternatives, rather than you unleashing your inner bridezilla.
  • Asking family and friends to take on certain roles is okay. However, due to the closeness of the relationship, it can become a conflict where they want to do one thing and you another.
  • Wedding budgets can easily spin out of control. A wedding planner can help you make sure you stay on track.
  • With large weddings and cultural habits, it is easy for a wedding to get off track. A planner can help keep things moving in a timely fashion.
  • There are many dependencies in a wedding. As with a finely tuned engine, everything has to be synchronized. A wedding planner can help you create a schedule and detailed plans.
  • Save money, time, and relationships.

Wedding planner cost varies greatly by region, tasks and expectations.

About Our Wedding Planner:

Marwa Diaf, Associate Editor of Perfect Muslim Wedding, has become the voice for the site with her personal accounts of wedding planning and related insights. Her wedding planning experience stems from the planning of her own wedding back in 2012, as well as assisting in her sister’s wedding that same year. In addition to this site, she runs her own modest style blog called Wrapped & Written. She will take your vision and ideas, style them up and make it happen.

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