Wedding Speech Coach

Wedding Speech Coach is a coaching service for anyone needing assistance in writing a wedding speech. It doesn’t matter where you are in the speech writing process. If you have writers block, we’ll guide you on giving your speech structure and flow. If you have already started it, but need help to fine tune it, we can work with you on that. Nervous about giving a speech? No worries, we can help you practice and get the delivery next to perfect, so you come across confident. Our goal is to make you and the event look good. We will help you develop and deliver the perfect knock-out speech with touching moments, humor and things for the couple and audience to reflect upon.


Speech Kickstarter Service – $50

This is a 30-45 minute chat on the phone or over Skype. The aim is for you to get comfortable with the idea of writing and giving a speech and for us to address any questions you might have. Prior to the speech we will send you a questionnaire which will gather some basic information and help you come up with some ideas for your speech. During our conversation you will tell us more about your event and we will help you structure your initial ideas and make suggestions.

Speech Review Service – $99

This starts with you providing a full-length draft of your speech (maximum 1,200 words). We will review it in detail and provide specific recommendations in the form of a report, paying particular attention to the following:

  • Overall structure
  • Transitions between different ideas
  • Additional opportunities for humor

We will also advise on:

  • Appropriate tone
  • Originality
  • Any traditional duties that have been left out


Speech Redraft Service – $149

We will rewrite your speech based on a draft (maximum 1,200 words) provided by you. This service covers the same ground as the Speech Review Service except that we make the changes for you. Where possible we will also try to highlight opportunities to add humor to the speech (if required) with suggested lines. The redraft may include:

  • Improving wording to make the speech easier to deliver and understand
  • Improving structure to make the speech more coherent and easier to follow
  • Working on links between sections to improve the overall flow

Speech Writing Service – $299
We will write a speech from scratch based on information provided by you. This will be an original speech (up to 1,200 words) tailored specifically to your event and the key people involved. We will use our experience to produce a well-structured speech, with a clear flow of ideas and entertaining content. While writing the speech we will take into account:

  • The size and ‘tone’ of the wedding (small, informal or large, formal)
  • Your level of experience/comfort in delivering a speech
  • Your desired tone

Speech Delivery Service – $149

We will work with you to practice your speech. Writing is the first part, but delivery is just as important. We will listen to your speech to focus on what works well in your delivery and what doesn’t including vocal intonation and body language. These practice sessions will be 30 minutes each.

About Our Speech Writing Coach:

javed-mohammed2Javed Mohammed is a writer, producer, and inspirational speaker. He has given speeches, presentations, and interviews to all types of large audiences from weddings, conferences, as well as to the media (including CNN International, NBC Affiliates in the bay area, and KPFA Radio). He is an Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) from Toastmasters International. Awarded Silicon Valley SparkPlug by the Knight Foundation.



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