What are The Odds Weddings and Marriages?

What are the odds you’ll be struck by lightning or win the lottery? The answer is 1 in 960,000, 1 in 13,983,816 respectively. Interesting statistics. If you browse the “The Book of Odds”  a collection of stats that rule everyday life, there are some intriguing odds.Photo by Phil Roeder available under a Creative Commons Attribution-license

From a wedding and marriage standpoint, here are a few that we at Perfect Muslim Wedding found to be interesting. These numbers are for the wider U.S. population, but we believe in some way shape or form they are mirrored in the Muslim community.

Where and how people met (% people dating)MenWomen
Through Friends3338
Through Family1415
As coworkers1115
At a bar, club, restaurant1618
Through work as client810
In a primary or secondary school98
In college67
Through church33
In  a non church social group77
In the neighborhood612
On a blind date33
At a private party1410
In a public space1410

This correlates with an earlier Perfect Muslim Wedding Survey which showed that most people met through family and friends and not online. You can skip the line item about bars and instead of church think masjid.

Here are some more interesting ones.

Why get married?MenWomen
For Love1 in 1.21 in 1.2
Right time in life1 in 2.21 in 2.5
Not wanting to be alone1 in 4.41 in 5.6
Practical Reasons1 in 5.61 in 6.3
Wanting Children1 in 6.31 in 7.7
Got them out of a bad situation1 in 501 in 25

Hmm, get out of a bad situation, what could that be?

Age at first marriageMenWomen
201 in 21.71 in 7.6
251 in 3.21 in 2.1
301 in 1.71in 1.4
351in 1.31in 1.2

The median marriage age for men is 27 and 25 for women in the larger US population.

Why People Stay Married%
Deep Love71
Both spouses live to their commitment61
The Children44
Good Sex41
Religious Beliefs30
Financial Reasons17
Too much trouble to end marriage12

We love this one, not only do we want to encourage perfect weddings but also healthy marriages. Thoughts, comments?